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what to expect

We pride ourselves in creating a relaxing, spa-like experience. Your lashes are cleaned & prepped and bottom lashes are protected by a complementary soothing collagen eye treatment pad.  Treatments are perfomed while you relax on our comfortable spa table. Many of our clients fall asleep and wake up to fablulous lashes! One individual lash is applied to one of your own natural adult lashes.  A look is customized for you, based on the look you want, your eye shape & size, and the number and health of your natural lashes.

will extensions damage my natural lashes?

Our lash extensions will not cause damage or loss of your natural lashes. We will assess your natural lashes and select the appropriate extensions to achieve your look and maintain optimum lash health. We are serious about our safe and hygenic application practices. We use only premium individual lash extensions. NOT heavy "flares" some stylists use to save time/money that may damage your lashes. Our extensions are attached 1-2 mm away from the base of you lash and don't touch your skin.

how long will they last?

With proper care, your extensions can last up to 4-5 weeks. Since you naturally shed lashes daily- average life span follows a 10-12 week cycle with mature lashes shedding every 4-5 weeks, we recommend scheduling touch ups spaced 2 to 3 weeks apart to replace fallen lashes and to maintain your look. We never charge a "removal fee" to clients simply wanting more, so you don't have to have a million bucks to look like a million.

can I swim, jog, take a spin class?

Absolutely! Do not wet your lashes until 24 hours after application to allow the bonding agent to cure. After that, get your hot yoga on with no fear of hot mascara mess!

how long/thick will they make my lashes?

Depending on the look you wish to acheive, extensions can thicken your lashes by 30-80% and increase the length by 50% yet still feel weightless and natural.

can I use mascara or eyeliner?

The beauty of Luxe Lash extensions is that there is no need for mascara. If you choose to use mascara or eyeliner avoid petroleoum based products that can damage the bonding agent. Ask us about lash compatible products and after care products and cleansers that help extend the life of your fabulous extensions.

how to prepare for my appointment

Kindly arrive with clean (avoid oily cleansers), dry, makeup free eyes, as make up removal and drying time will cut into the time we get to spend on what's most important - YOU!


Refrain from wearing mascara or curling your lashes for 2 days prior to appointment. Contact lenses must be removed prior to application.


*** Remember, you will not be able to wet your lashes for 12 hrs after application. You may bathe but, no showers please.